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Balance is arguably one of the hardest things to maintain in life. We consistently get consumed in tasks, relationships, challenges and experiences, regardless of if they’re overwhelming for good or bad.


During my time as a business owner, balance has been one of the key aspects I’ve determined to provide for my family and myself. Amid the more challenging times that life presents us, it’s so easy to fall behind on business tasks, tax responsibilities, account organization and growth maintenance, let alone the responsibilities you have to yourself and the important people and creatures in your life.


Bookkeeping and proper business management in general have been the key components to maintaining balance in my life.

The skills I’ve learned and implemented over nearly four decades of operating companies are ready to positively and powerfully impact your systems, your overhead, your revenue, your peace of mind.

So tell me:


What would you do with extra hours in your day? Or how about an extra day a week? 


My team and I will give you the opportunity to find out. Not just by taking on your bookkeeping needs, but by helping you see and structure your company so that balance becomes your norm.

Critical for cashflow maintenance, effective and informed accounts payable and receivable management is essential for powerful business organization and growth.

administration support

Customers are the lifeblood of a company and maintaining those relationships is essential to business growth and goodwill. We manage calling, billing, and customer support for many of our clients.

Audits are an expected government oversight that businesses should be prepared for. We're here to help our clients meet record compliance and circumvent the need for business examinations.

A business without paperwork organization has trouble growing when inefficiencies and areas of improvement can't be pinpointed. Proper bookkeeping allows for transparency and powerful decision making.




Once bookkeeping records are updated / created, we have confidential insight into the inner workings and potential inefficiencies of your business and can offer targeted, individualized advice to bolster growth and promote business stability.

There are some aspects of business management that owners want to delegate. Our team offers a personalized client experience built to support our people how they need to be supported. 

A labour-intensive process, data management and proper record keeping are backbones to having an efficient, effective business. We take on these time-consuming tasks to give our clients time to focus their energy on other items.

Most often required when clients undergo an audit, or require an improved financial picture, forensic accounting delves deep into company records and pieces together an overview of company welfare, value, assets, and other key items.

business management

data management

forensic accounting

business consulting / coaching

While oftentimes considered a headache, government filings are an important company responsibility. We keep our clients current in the requirements for Ontario businesses.


A large responsibility for Ontario businesses, HST requirements are on-going and best managed when allocated for in a company plan and bookkeeping system. Our team smooths tax-season stresses and manages business filings whether annually, quarterly or monthly.

Business maintenance, health and growth depends largely on its staff. One way of maintaining happy team members is to pay them regularly with a smooth, dependable system. We manage business payroll, deductions, and distributions.

A mandatory component of Ontario companies, WSIB is an unavoidable cost of doing business and providing for staff. Our team manages WSIB filings, avoiding potential late payments or errors due to the daily happenings and distractions of business ownership.

government filings



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