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Absolutely. You’re likely doing it right now.


Perhaps not the type of juggling done as entertainment for a crowd. But you do juggle. You, like the best of acrobats and performers, walk a tightrope daily, doing your best to balance all the responsibilities and tasks required of you:


Business management, deadlines for almost everything, driving kids to sports practices, much needed date nights, medical appointments for the family, attempts at leisure time with friends, employee oversight, and paperwork, paperwork, paperwork…


We all manage as best we can but it's challenging at times. When we miss a step in our balancing act, something has to give.


Bookkeeping didn’t start as a passion for me, but rather developed out of a necessity to best manage the businesses I’ve grown. I found that the more efficient I made the administration of my businesses, the more transparent other aspects became. It wasn't just profit and loss, it became something more valuable: increasing the time I was able to spend on the non-business facets of my life.


Insight into the workings of my business meant I was able to discover the areas in need of fine tuning for better productivity. It meant peace of mind. It meant camping weekends with my kids. Then taking the occasional Friday off, or seeing Germany and France with my daughter. It meant that I had found and could sustain balance. Financial and bookkeeping quagmires no longer called the shots, I did.


When I started a new chapter of my life, bookkeeping and business management was a skill I had readily at hand to benefit other businesses and lives. In the 15 years since Balancing Act Solutions took on its first client, the company has grown in personnel and in clientele, but the overall message has stayed the same. 


Life is all about balance.

We can help with that.



We're here to make an impact in your business by creating systems and offering solutions specific to your business needs. Our goal? Optimization and ease of management so that you thrive.

Critical for cashflow maintenance, effective and informed accounts payable and receivable management is essential for powerful business organization and growth.

While oftentimes considered a headache, government filings are an important company responsibility. We keep our clients current in the requirements for Ontario businesses.


Audits are an expected government oversight that businesses should be prepared for. We're here to help our clients meet record compliance and circumvent the need for business examinations.



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Anna Marie Clarke


We have been with Anne and Balancing Act Solutions for over 10 yrs. I depend on her knowledge, and Accounting Expertise. She has always went above and beyond, offers solutions, and spends the time to get to know our business. Honest and dependable! 100% I would highly recommend her business.


David Gladwin

Anne and her team at Balancing Act Solutions have been looking after our corporate needs for well over 10 years. Honesty, Integrity, and helpful guidance are the cornerstones of this great company.

Gladwin Building Services is proud to have Balancing Act on our side.

Russell Salo


This company has become an integral part of my small business and I couldn't function without them. Honesty and top shelf work ethic are the cornerstones of why I would give Balancing Act the highest praise I can. They always go the extra mile!

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